Spring is the best ! Until you have a laminitis prone horse.

Gazelle is one of those horses that gains weight from smelling a carrot and I swear she would give her life for just one more bite of that tasty spring grass. As much as I wish we could spent the summer months chilling in the pastures and taking some time off during the warmer days, we can’t. Instead, we’re calculating to the minute how much time Gazelle can spend grazing depending on the weather, how much exercice she’s done, her weight, the sugar levels and what feels like another thousand parameters. We have an intensive workout routine that includes a lot of lunging mostly at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat. I check her feet temperature every single morning and I have the vet on speed dial.

We have handled it well for the past 3 years and she’s been able to spend most of her days in the pasture with fluffy buddies while staying in shape and active. Fingers crossed this year goes well too!

Laminitis is scary and I know how much stress and planning goes into handling it. That is why I shared a survey about it a couple months ago to create a laminitis notebook! Now that the bujo and the new collection are out, I really want to focus on this project for the next few months.

This is it for today! Here’s to fit horses and a vet-free summer !


All my love,