So by now, you know I’ve launched the Lemonade Collection. I love it for the summer and it is the biggest launch I’ve ever done (scaryyy). It was so much work, I didn’t want it to just be a couple products on the shop, I really wanted to set a vibe for the summer season and give my website a much needed update. So I talked it over with my friends, who are the coolest, and we started brain storming what it could look like. They were in the middle of exam season so I was the perfect excuse for some procrastination. It’s so important to me to feature real people, such as customers or friends, on my website/socials because everything I do is made for busy, working, complex, flawed and unique people.

We decided to shoot the whole thing the next day .. because we live in belgium and when they announce a sunny day, we better take advantage of it. So I went home and tried on every item of yellow clothing I own, bought a crazy amount of lemons and grapes and cut fresh flowers.

The next day we were on our way to the stables and spent the whole morning setting up the perfect you’re-an-LA-girl-spending-the-summer-in-the-south-of-France-picnic. That’s the vibe we were going for. Not only did the pictures turned out exactly like I wanted them, but I had the best time sharing this with some of my closest friends. Starting your own buisness feels lonely at times cause I’m on a different timeline than all of them but that day was perfect!

Biggest thanks to them all for posing and playing along, you’re hired for the next shoot:)

All my love,