I have created the Equi bujo to fit the Equestrian’s life. Not only does it has everything you need to care for your horse and grow with them, it also focuses on caring for yourself as a person. Owning horses is the best, but it also tends to overtake our whole lives and I’m a strong believer that balance is key.

It is entirely hand drawn and prepared to be personnalized and to adapt to your very own lifestyle. Each month has its own theme and is divided in two, a human part and an equestrian part.  The Human part contains a monthly calendar, weekly spreads, a mood and a habit tracker and more. The Equestrian part has it’s own monthly planner, goals page, health check, a tracker (for exercise, activity, mood, mediaction,..), space for training and exercise ideas. It also has space for inspiration, refelcting on the passed month, pictures or even monthly quotes.

Keeping track of horses’ exercice, mood and health gives a lot of insight on what works for them and what we can do to help them thrive.

The Equi Bujo is a practical notebook to keep your entire life planned and organized but also to keep all of your favorite memories and your equestrian evolution.


All my love,


196 pages, 100gr paper, mandala cover, 300gr.

  • 6 themes (lemons, graphic colors, watercolor clouds, autumn florals, horse watercolor, pine trees)
  • monthly and weekly planners
  • mandala cover to color to make it your own
  • end of the year reflecction pages
  • budget and planning pages
  • unique designs and original artwork
  • and much more…

Entirely handrawn and made with love in Belgium.