The Equi Notebook is a versatile dotted notebook. It will be perfect to take notes from lessons with your horses, write down notes from your vet, or even keep the cutest pictures of your four-legged friend. The dotted grid allows for unlimited possibilities. You could use it to write, doodle, collage, take notes, write down your favorite quotes, or even as a dream journal.

The cover is inspired by a theme from the 2021 Equi Bujo, I personally loved it very much but didn’t expect so many of you to love it as well. I knew we had to do something with it that would last over a month. So here is the very first Equi Notebook.

There is aslo very cute details inside the cover with transparent doodles.




Format A5 (x) pages 88, 90 gr

Cover 350gr, 2 rounded corners