The training notebook is made to be your best training buddy. Whether you’re working on your riding, training a youngster, working with a difficult horse or working several horses at the same time, this is a must have in your stable kit.

The training notebook has 150 pages to work and evolve through the months. With tons of space to write down what you worked on, the lessons you learned and what you want to keep working on. It also has 150 arenas drawned up with letters and signs to help you sketch the exercises you did, learn a dressage test or try out new jumbing combinations. You can also rate each session on 5 stars to see how much you and your horse progress together.

This notebook is meant to give meaning to your training and keep track of your evolution.


Enjoy xx

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Training Notebook – Lemon pattern : 20cm x 20cm, 100 gr paper, 152 pages. Soft colorored cover, 300gr.

Entirely hand drawn and made in Belgium.