Hi I’m Nina !

I’m from Brussels, Belgium and will be turning 23 this year. I have a horse, Gazelle, two dogs, Rocky and Cali, and two brothers. I created my buisness right out of high school because I didn’t know what to do with my life and now, I can’t really see myself doing anything else. I’ve been bullet journaling for years and stationary is my happy place. The fact that something I create keeps memories of another horse girl in Australia or Chile is insane to me, so join the #bujofam.

Meet Gazelle !

She’s almost 8 years old and was born with us. We’ve grown up together, she’s my bestie and my child at the same time. She’s a spook monster but also very cute and funny. She also has a dozen of health issues that need constant care and tracking trough the year which I use my Equi Bujo for. We do mostly trail rides, ground work and liberty and rides from time to time but we mostly just enjoy each other’s company.