I’m officially sponsoring the #wildchallenge !

Is this a safari or weird wild animal tiktok trend you ask? Well nope, it’s actually a team of bitless riders who are participating in the french national showjumping competition this summer. Led by Julia, who picked her team based on precise criteria. Their goal is to make a change in the horse world, they all will be competing in a neckrope, which will be a first in this event as it wasn’t even allowed until a couple of months ago. Not only will this prove that bitless riding belongs in the ring and should be allowed at all levels of competing, it will show the equestrian world that horse welfare and performance aren’t mutually exclusive.

Julia and her team reached out to me after launching the compassion before competition design, I have to admit it is PER-FECT for them. It’s all about putting the horse first and being kind decent humans which they all are. I’m hoping I’ll be able to go and support them love during their 3 day competition in France because I just know it’ll be so much fun!

For all of you who also want to support them and their values and message, we now have a limited wild green edition of the compassion before competition t-shirt ! A brand new color scheme for maximum impact to show your support and help the girls change the game of horse riding. Let’s make it the norm to listen to your horse, care for them and adapt to their needs, even when competing !

I hope you’ll like this new colors!





You can read more about it here : WILD CHALLENGE 2024 – WILD TAÏNA – Bien être équin et humain (wildtaina.fr)