Hey #bujofam,

meet my latest design, “compassion before competition”. We launched this baby in november at a horse fair in France and I’ve never had a product sell out like this one before. Let me tell you all about the meaning behind this new design and the story of how it came to life.

Back in 2013, I got my first horse Zaya. She was an incredible jumper but most of all, she was terrified of humans and flinched at our every moves. Months and months of groundwork and time spent together helped her find trust and peace in her daily life, she even learned to enjoy hacks, liberty and neckrope riding. She learned she could express herself and made it very clear what she liked and what she didn’t. We got so many weird looks and mean comments even but at the end of the day, this is what worked for us.

She thaught me how magical your relationship can become when the horse comes first and how much more fun it can be to do something you both enjoy!

This design isn’t about saying competitions are bad, it’s about making sure,whatever you do, your horse comes first. Whether this means staying home because they don’t seem into it that day or forfeiting mid course because something feels off. It’s also about holding space for your fellow riders instead of the traditional mean girl vibes in the horse world. Let this design act as a constant reminder to have compassion for your horses, your fellow riders and even yourself.

I love that this design and message is the one that resonnates the most with you all, it shows we’re ready for the horse world to change for the better, and we are the driving force behind that change !


All my love,